Puerto Rico is a popular travel destination with numerous airports that cater to both local and international tourists. The island has several airports, including the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, which serves as the main gateway to Puerto Rico.

The Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport is located in San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico. It is one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean region and handles millions of passengers annually. The airport offers direct flights to major cities in North America, South America, Europe, and other parts of the world.

Another important airport in Puerto Rico is Rafael Hernández Airport located on the west coast of Aguadilla. This airport serves as an alternative option for travelers looking for cheaper flights or a less crowded entry point into Puerto Rico.

Other notable airports include Mercedita Airport located in Ponce on the southern coast and Antonio Rivera Rodríguez Airport located on Vieques Island off mainland Puerto Rico’s east coast.

Travelers should note that all airports have different facilities available such as restaurants offering local cuisine or international food options depending on their needs. Additionally, they can expect friendly staff who are ready to assist them throughout their journey through these four major ports-of-entry: San Juan (SJU), Aguadilla (BQN), Ponce (PSE) and Ceiba (RVR).

Overall, with modern infrastructure combined with excellent customer service experience at its various international terminals across multiple locations around its diverse terrain like tropical rainforest areas or pristine beaches – it’s no wonder why so many choose this stunning island nation as their next vacation spot!

Overview of Puerto Rico’s Airports

Puerto Rico is a popular tourist destination with a number of airports serving the island. The main international airport in San Juan, Luis Munoz Marin International Airport (SJU), handles the majority of the air traffic to and from Puerto Rico. However, there are also several smaller regional airports throughout the island that cater to domestic travel.

In addition to SJU, other major airports on the island include Rafael Hernandez Airport (BQN) in Aguadilla and Mercedita Airport (PSE) in Ponce. These airports receive direct flights from various US cities as well as some international destinations.

The smaller regional airports include Antonio Rivera Rodriguez Airport (VQS) in Vieques, Benjamin Rivera Noriega Airport (CPX) in Culebra, and Eugenio Maria de Hostos Airport (MAZ) in Mayaguez. These airports offer connections primarily within Puerto Rico through local airlines like Cape Air or Seaborne Airlines.

Luis Munoz Marin International Airport is located just outside San Juan and has two terminals: Terminal A for all commercial airline operations and Terminal B for general aviation. The airport offers a range of services including restaurants, shops, car rentals, ATMs, currency exchange offices and more.

Rafael Hernandez airport serves Western Puerto Rico including Aguadilla and Rincon areas while Mercedita airport serves Southern Coast areas such as Ponce city which is also known for its historic district featuring colonial architecture buildings dating back centuries ago.

Travelers visiting Vieques Island can fly into Antonio Rivera Rodriguez airport located on this small island known for its beautiful beaches while travelers visiting Culebra Island can fly into Benjamin Rivera Noriega airport offering easy access to Flamenco Beach rated one among top 10 beaches worldwide by Travel Channel network viewership.

Overall, visitors traveling to Puerto Rico have multiple options when it comes to flying into the island and getting around once they arrive. The airports throughout Puerto Rico provide convenient access to popular destinations and attractions, making it easy for travelers to explore everything this beautiful Caribbean destination has to offer.

Major Airports in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an archipelago that consists of several islands, it has a total of 10 airports. However, there are only two major international airports that serve as the main entry points for visitors to the island.

The first major airport is Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU), located in San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico. It serves as the primary hub for various airlines such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue Airways and United Airlines among others. The airport features two terminals with over 50 gates and offers non-stop flights to over 30 destinations around the world including major cities like New York, Miami, Boston and Madrid.

The second major airport is Rafael Hernandez Airport (BQN) located on the western side of Puerto Rico in Aguadilla. This airport hosts both domestic and international flights although its service area is not quite extensive compared to SJU. Although smaller than SJU Airport, Rafael Hernandez Airport has modern facilities including a duty-free shop, restaurants and car rental services.

Other important airports include Mercedita International Airport (PSE) located just outside Ponce City which mainly serves domestic flights from San Juan with connections to other Caribbean Islands; Antonio Rivera Rodríguez Airport (VQS) found on Vieques Island offering daily flights from San Juan by small regional airlines; Diego Jiménez Torres Airport (FAJ) located in Fajardo serving small aircraft operators focusing mostly on local traffic; Eugenio María de Hostos Airport (MAZ) situated in Mayagüez hosting both commercial air traffic service along with private aviation jets and airplanes catering to regional carriers.

In conclusion, Puerto Rico’s strategic location makes it an important hub for air travel between North America and other parts of Latin America making it one of the most connected islands within this region through its efficient air network connectivity infrastructure. Whether you are a local or international traveler, there are several airports to choose from that will cater to your needs.

Luis Munoz Marin International Airport

Luis Munoz Marin International Airport is located in the capital city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is the largest airport in Puerto Rico and serves as a hub for Caribbean Airlines, JetBlue Airways, and Spirit Airlines.

The airport was originally named Isla Verde International Airport when it first opened in 1955. In 1985, the airport was renamed after Luis Munoz Marin, who served as the first elected governor of Puerto Rico from 1949 to 1965.

The airport has two terminals – Terminal A and Terminal B. Terminal A handles domestic flights within Puerto Rico while Terminal B handles international flights. Both terminals are connected by a pedestrian walkway.

Luis Munoz Marin International Airport has numerous amenities for travelers including restaurants, bars, duty-free shopping stores, currency exchange services, ATMs and car rental agencies.

The airport also provides passengers with free Wi-Fi access throughout both terminals. Additionally, there are several lounges available at the airport such as The Club at SJU Lounge which offers complimentary snacks and beverages along with comfortable seating areas.

In terms of transportation options from Luis Munoz Marin International Airport to other parts of San Juan or even other cities on the island of Puerto Rico; taxi services are readily available outside both terminals or public buses can be taken from a stop across from Terminal B.

Overall,Luis Munoz Marin International Airport is an important gateway into not only San Juan but also all of Puerto Rico’s many attractions that draw millions of visitors each year making it one of the busiest airports in all Latin America and serving as a vital link between North America , South America,and Europe .

Rafael Hernandez Airport

The Rafael Hernandez Airport is located in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. This airport was named after the famous Puerto Rican composer Rafael Hernandez Marin. It is one of the busiest airports in Puerto Rico, serving both domestic and international flights.

The airport has two runways; runway 8/26 measures 11,700 feet long and runway 3/21 measures 5,800 feet long. The airport’s terminal building covers an area of approximately 73,000 square feet and has a capacity to serve up to 1.5 million passengers annually.

There are several airlines that operate at Rafael Hernandez Airport including JetBlue Airways, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines. The most popular routes from this airport are to New York City (JFK), Orlando (MCO), Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Newark (EWR).

Rafael Hernandez Airport offers many amenities for travelers including restaurants, cafes and duty-free shops where you can purchase souvenirs or last-minute gifts before your flight. Additionally there are banks with ATM machines available as well as car rental agencies such as Avis,Budget,Hertz,National etc . The airport also provides free Wi-Fi service throughout its premises so that passengers can stay connected while waiting for their flights.

If you need transportation from the airport to your final destination on the island of Puerto Rico , taxi services are widely available outside of the terminal building or if you prefer,you can rent a car from one of companies operating inside the terminal itself.. There is also public bus service provided by Autoridad de Transporte Integrado which operates regular services between Aguadilla city center and other destinations around the island like San Juan,Ponce,Moca,Arecibo etc..

Mercedita Airport

Mercedita Airport, also known as Ponce International Airport, is located in the city of Ponce on the southern coast of Puerto Rico. It is one of the busiest airports in Puerto Rico and serves both domestic and international flights.

The airport has a single terminal building with several gates and amenities such as shops, restaurants, and car rental services. There are also parking facilities available for passengers who wish to leave their vehicles at the airport.

Several airlines offer flights to Mercedita Airport including American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Delta Air Lines, and Spirit Airlines. The most popular destinations from this airport include San Juan, New York City, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), Miami International Airport (MIA), Tampa International Airport (TPA), Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) among others.

The airport has a long runway measuring 7,003 feet which can accommodate medium-sized aircraft such as Boeing 737s or Airbus A320s. In addition to commercial flights, Mercedita also handles general aviation traffic including private jets and charter planes.

Puerto Rico’s government invested over $20 million dollars into upgrading the facilities of Mercedita airport during recent years. These improvements have included expanding its terminal building with additional seating areas for passengers along with new baggage handling systems that speed up luggage collection time after arriving from your flight!

Airport Services:

  • Rental Cars
  • Taxi Service
  • Parking Facilities
  • Duty-Free Shops & Restaurants
  • Vending Machines

Other Regional Airports

Puerto Rico is home to several regional airports that serve as important transportation hubs for the island’s smaller towns and rural areas. These airports are essential for providing reliable air service to remote communities, facilitating economic development, and supporting tourism.

One such airport is Eugenio María de Hostos Airport (MAZ), located in Mayagüez on the western coast of Puerto Rico. This airport serves the surrounding regions of Cabo Rojo, San Germán, and Hormigueros, offering flights to and from other Caribbean destinations like Santo Domingo and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Another important regional airport is Rafael Hernández Airport (BQN) in Aguadilla, which serves as a key transportation hub for the northwest region of Puerto Rico. The airport offers flights to major cities like New York City and Orlando via JetBlue Airways.

Mercedita International Airport (PSE) in Ponce also provides convenient air travel options for residents of southern Puerto Rico. The airport offers daily flights to popular tourist destinations like Miami and Orlando through airlines such as American Airlines.

In addition to these regional airports, there are several smaller airstrips throughout Puerto Rico that cater specifically to private planes or helicopters. These include Isla Grande Airport in San Juan, Vieques Airport on Vieques Island off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico, Culebra Airport on Culebra Island east of mainland PR., Humacao Airport located southeast part of the island among others.

Overall, these regional airports play a vital role in connecting communities across Puerto Rico with each other and with destinations beyond its shores. Whether it’s for business or pleasure travel purposes – they provide an efficient way for people from all over our beautiful island nation access more diverse opportunities than ever before!

Airport Amenities and Services

Puerto Rico’s airports offer a variety of amenities and services to make your travel experience more comfortable. Some of the most common amenities include restaurants, cafes, shops, currency exchange counters, ATMs, luggage storage facilities and free Wi-Fi access.

Most airports in Puerto Rico have a wide range of dining options available, ranging from fast food outlets to sit-down restaurants serving local cuisine. Visitors can enjoy everything from classic American fare like burgers and fries to traditional Puerto Rican dishes like mofongo or arroz con gandules.

In addition to dining options, travelers can also take advantage of various shopping opportunities at the airport. Duty-free stores are a popular choice for those looking to purchase souvenirs or luxury goods such as perfume or jewelry.

For those in need of financial services while traveling through Puerto Rico’s airports, there are many currency exchange counters and ATMs available throughout the terminals. This makes it easy for visitors to convert their money into local currency or withdraw cash if needed.

Luggage storage facilities are another convenient service offered by many airports in Puerto Rico. This is especially useful for travelers who have long layovers or want to explore the area around the airport without dragging their bags along with them.

Finally, most airports offer free Wi-Fi access so you can stay connected while waiting for your flight. Whether you need to catch up on work emails or stream movies during a long layover – having reliable internet connection is always a plus when traveling.

Overall, Puerto Rico’s airports provide a variety of amenities and services designed with travelers’ comfort in mind. From dining options and shopping opportunities to financial services and luggage storage – these conveniences help make air travel hassle-free so that you can focus on enjoying your trip!

Airlines and Destinations

Puerto Rico has several airports that serve both domestic and international flights. The two main airports are the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan, and the Rafael Hernández Airport in Aguadilla.

The Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport is the largest airport in Puerto Rico and serves as a hub for many airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, and others. It offers non-stop flights to over 50 destinations throughout North America, Central America, South America, Europe and the Caribbean.

The Rafael Hernández Airport is located on the west coast of Puerto Rico and serves as a gateway to some of the island’s most popular tourist destinations such as Rincon. This airport also provides service to various cities in North America through airlines like Allegiant Air.

Other smaller regional airports include Mercedita International Airport in Ponce which handles mainly domestic flights by Cape Air; Antonio Rivera Rodríguez Airport on Vieques Island with daily connections from San Juan through Vieques Air Link or Flamenco Regional Airport on Culebra Island which receives daily arrivals from San Juan via Culebra Air Services.

Overall there are direct flight connections available between Puerto Rico’s main airports (San Juan – SJU & Aguadilla – BQN)and several cities across mainland USA including Atlanta (ATL), Boston (BOS), Chicago-O’Hare (ORD), Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), Houston-Bush Intercontinental (IAH) , Miami (MIA), Newark Liberty(EWR), New York-JFK(JFK) & La Guardia(LGA). Additionally there are seasonal services offered to other US cities along with links within Latin-America served by carriers such as Copa Airlines or Avianca for example.


In conclusion, Puerto Rico has several airports that serve both domestic and international flights. The Luis Munoz Marin International Airport is the main gateway to the island, handling millions of passengers annually. It offers a wide range of services such as restaurants, duty-free shops, lounges, and car rental agencies.

Other airports in Puerto Rico include the Aguadilla Rafael Hernandez Airport, Ponce Mercedita Airport, and Mayaguez Eugenio Maria de Hostos Airport. These regional airports are also equipped with modern facilities to meet travelers’ needs.

Puerto Rico’s airport infrastructure plays a crucial role in promoting tourism and trade on the island. With its proximity to other Caribbean destinations and being a U.S territory with easy visa requirements for U.S citizens, it continues to attract tourists from all over the world.

However, challenges such as natural disasters like hurricanes have affected airport operations causing disruptions in travel plans. Also noteworthy is that some smaller towns or cities may be off-limits or not have direct flights available due to lack of demand or feasibility issues.

Overall though Puerto Rico’s network of well-serviced airports provides convenient access around this beautiful Caribbean Island nation for business people or visitors alike seeking adventure opportunities across many historic sites along with stunning beaches nearby!


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