Introduction to Corsica and its airports

Corsica is a beautiful island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the 18 regions of France and has a population of approximately 340,000 people. The island is known for its stunning beaches, rugged landscapes, picturesque villages, and rich history.

There are four main airports on the island – Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport (AJA), Bastia-Poretta Airport (BIA), Calvi-Sainte Catherine Airport (CLY), and Figari Sud-Corse Airport (FSC). These airports connect Corsica with major cities in France as well as other European destinations.

Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport is located in Ajaccio, which is the capital city of Corsica. It serves over 1 million passengers annually and has two terminals – one for domestic flights and another for international flights. The airport offers various facilities such as restaurants, shops, car rental services, and free Wi-Fi.

Bastia-Poretta Airport is located near Bastia – one of the largest cities on the island. It handles around 1.5 million passengers annually and has a single terminal building that caters to both domestic and international flights. The airport provides several amenities such as duty-free shops, cafes/restaurants, ATMs/banks/forex services.

Calvi-Sainte Catherine Airport serves Calvi – a popular tourist destination situated on the northwest coast of Corsica. This small airport handles around 400 thousand passengers per year only during peak season from May to September; it operates limited scheduled service throughout winter months while most airlines suspend their operations during this period due to low demand.

Figari Sud-Corse Airport is situated in southern Corsica near Porto-Vecchio town; it connects this part of Island with mainland Europe by offering direct access from/to Paris-Orly & Marseille-Provence airports. It handles around 600,000 passengers annually and has a single terminal building equipped with various amenities such as restaurants, shops, and car rental services.

Overall, Corsica’s airports provide convenient access to the island’s stunning natural beauty and cultural attractions. They are well-equipped with modern facilities that cater to the needs of travelers from all over the world.

Overview of the main airports in Corsica

Corsica, a picturesque island located in the Mediterranean Sea, is home to some of the most stunning landscapes and tourist destinations. With an increase in tourism over the years, there has been a significant rise in air traffic as well. This has led to the establishment of several airports on this French island. Here’s an overview of the main airports that cater to tourists visiting Corsica.

Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport (AJA)

Located just five kilometers away from Ajaccio city center, this airport is named after Napoleon Bonaparte who was born on this island. It serves as one of Corsica’s busiest airports with flights operating throughout Europe such as Paris, Brussels and London.

The airport features various amenities such as restaurants serving local cuisine, duty-free shops and car rental facilities making it convenient for travelers arriving or departing from Ajaccio.

Bastia-Poretta Airport (BIA)

Situated near Lucciana about 20 km south-east Bastia city centre BIA hosts numerous domestic and international airlines connecting Corsica with major cities across Europe including Marseille, Nice or Paris.

This airport offers a range of facilities like cafés & bars serving snacks & beverages along with Duty Free shopping options for your last-minute souvenir purchases before taking off from Bastia-Poretta Airport

Calvi-Sainte Catherine Airport (CLY)

Located approximately 8 km southeast Calvi town center CLY welcomes flights coming from all around France plus some direct connections with UK during summer season only..

Tourists can enjoy mouth-watering food at various cafes while waiting for their flight or indulge themselves in shopping at Duty-Free stores available here.

Figari Sud-Corse Airport (FSC)

Figari Sud-Corse airport is situated in the southern part of Corsica and is commonly used to reach Bonifacio, Porto-Vecchio or other towns located in the south-eastern coast of the island. It serves several airlines that offer flights to places like Paris, Marseille or Nice.

This airport has a range of facilities such as cafeterias serving hot meals & beverages along with local souvenirs available at Duty-Free shops inside the terminal.

In conclusion, these four airports offer easy access for tourists visiting Corsica from different parts of Europe. They have well-equipped terminals and excellent facilities making sure your travel experience remains comfortable and hassle-free.

Bastia-Poretta Airport: Location, Facilities, and Airlines

Bastia-Poretta Airport is located in the northeast of Corsica Island, near the city of Bastia. It is an important gateway to the island, serving both domestic and international flights. The airport is situated at an altitude of 10 meters (33 feet) above sea level and has a single runway that measures 2,650 meters (8,694 feet) in length.

The facilities at Bastia-Poretta Airport are modern and well-equipped for travelers’ convenience. There are several shops, duty-free stores selling local products such as wine and cheese, restaurants serving traditional Corsican cuisine as well as fast food options like McDonald’s or Subway. Passengers can also find ATMs to withdraw money or currency exchange booths for foreign currencies.

For those who need to get some work done while waiting for their flight or have a long layover time between flights – there’s free Wi-Fi available throughout the terminal building which provides high-speed internet access so you can stay connected with friends and family back home!

In terms of airlines operating from Bastia-Poretta Airport, there are numerous options available depending on your destination. Domestic carriers such as Air France offer regular connections between Bastia and other major French cities like Paris or Lyon. Other companies operating from this airport include easyJet offering low-cost flights across Europe destinations like London Gatwick or Bristol; Ryanair which connects Corsica with various Italian cities including Rome Fiumicino; Wizz Air providing services to Eastern European countries including Poland Warsaw Modlin.

Overall, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure – Bastia-Poretta Airport offers great facilities combined with efficient transportation links making it one of the best airports in Corsica Island!

Ajaccio-Napoléon Bonaparte Airport: Location, facilities, and airlines

Ajaccio-Napoléon Bonaparte Airport is located in the commune of Ajaccio, which is the capital of the Corsican department of Corse-du-Sud. The airport sits on a large plateau just south-east of Ajaccio city center and has direct access to major highways. Visitors can easily reach the airport by bus or taxi from downtown Ajaccio.

The airport features modern facilities that include restaurants, shops, car rental services, free Wi-Fi Internet access throughout its premises, as well as dedicated VIP lounges for passengers seeking extra comfort and privacy during their travel experience. Additionally, it offers a range of services for travelers with reduced mobility such as wheelchair accessibility and specialized assistance upon request.

Several airlines operate flights from Ajaccio-Napoléon Bonaparte Airport including Air France-KLM Group (with connections to Paris), easyJet (with connections to several cities across Europe), Volotea (with connections to Bordeaux and Marseille), Ryanair (with seasonal flights to Brussels Charleroi) among others.

The airport serves over 1 million passengers annually making it one of the busiest airports in Corsica. It also plays an important role in promoting tourism in Southern Corsica region due to its strategic location close to popular tourist destinations such as Porto-Vecchio or Bonifacio.

Calvi-Sainte-Catherine Airport: Location, facilities, and airlines

Calvi-Sainte-Catherine Airport is located on the northwestern coast of Corsica, approximately 7 kilometers southeast of the city of Calvi. The airport serves as a gateway to several popular tourist destinations in the region, including Porto, Cargèse and L’Île-Rousse.

The airport has a single terminal building with two floors. On the ground floor, passengers will find check-in counters for various airlines along with baggage claim areas. There are also several shops selling souvenirs and snacks as well as a restaurant serving local cuisine. Upstairs on the first floor is the departure lounge where travelers can relax before their flight.

The airport has two runways – one measuring 1,860 meters long by 45 meters wide and another measuring 1,535 meters long by 30 meters wide. The larger runway can accommodate aircraft up to Boeing 737-800s while smaller regional jets such as Embraer E-Jets and Bombardier CRJ900s can use both runways.

Several airlines operate regular flights from Calvi-Sainte-Catherine Airport to various cities across Europe during peak season which runs from May through September each year. These include Air France operated by HOP!, easyJet operated by easyJet Switzerland SA (Europe), Volotea Airlines S.A., Ryanair Ltd., British Airways Plc., Jetairfly N.V., Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA among others.

In addition to these scheduled services during peak season there are also occasional charters that fly into or out of this airport catering mostly towards tourists who visit Corsica for its natural beauty or culture throughout all seasons mainly from major European cities such as Paris or London flying direct into Calvi Saint Catherine Airport .

Overall, Calvi-Sainte-Catherine Airport is a modern and efficient airport that serves as an important transportation hub for tourists visiting Corsica. The airport’s close proximity to popular destinations and its range of facilities make it an ideal choice for travelers looking to explore this beautiful island in the Mediterranean.

Figari-Sud Corse Airport: Location, facilities, and airlines

Figari-Sud Corse Airport is an international airport located in the south of Corsica. It is situated approximately 3 kilometers northeast of Figari and about 25 kilometers north of Bonifacio. The airport serves as a gateway to the southern region of Corsica, attracting tourists from all over the world.

The airport has modern facilities that cater to the needs of travelers. There are several restaurants, cafes, and bars within the airport terminal where passengers can relax and refresh themselves before or after their flights. Duty-free shops are also available for those who want to purchase souvenirs or luxury items.

In addition to these amenities, Figari-Sud Corse Airport provides various services such as car rental offices, luggage storage facilities, Wi-Fi access throughout the terminal building, ATMs and currency exchange kiosks.

The airlines that operate at Figari-Sud Corse Airport include Air Corsica which offers regular flights to mainland France destinations such as Paris-Orly Airport and Marseille-Provence Airport. Another major airline operating at this airport is Ryanair which provides budget-friendly flights to cities like Brussels Charleroi in Belgium or London Stansted in England among others.

Other carriers serving this destination include Easyjet with routes from Geneva (Switzerland) or London Gatwick (England), while Volotea connects Figari with Bordeaux-Mérignac (France) during summertime only. Seasonal flights by other companies may be available too depending on demand during peak travel seasons like summer holidays when many people visit Corsica’s beautiful beaches along its west coast line including Bonifacio Gulf area nearby Figari Sud-Corse Aiport itself!

Minor airports in Corsica: Propriano, Solenzara, and Saint Florent

Corsica is a French island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It has several airports that serve both domestic and international flights. While some are major airports with high passenger traffic, others are minor ones that cater to regional or seasonal tourism.

Propriano Airport is one of the minor airports in Corsica. It is situated on the west coast of the island and serves as a gateway to southern Corsica’s stunning beaches and countryside. The airport offers direct flights from Marseille operated by Air Corsica during peak season (May-October). During low season (November-April), there are no scheduled flights.

Solenzara Airport is another small airport in Corsica located on the east coast of the island near Porto Vecchio. This airport caters mostly to private jets and helicopters but also welcomes some commercial airlines such as Air France during summer months (July-August) from Paris Orly Airport.

Saint Florent Airport, also known as Oletta Airport, serves northern Corsica’s Gulf of Saint Florent region. The airport provides direct connections with mainland France via seasonal routes operated by Air France between Nice Cote d’Azur Airport and Lyon–Saint Exupéry Airport during summer months only (June-September).

In conclusion, while Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte International Airport and Bastia – Poretta International Airport may be better-known names when it comes to air travel in Corsica; smaller airports like Propriano, Solenzara, and Saint Florent also play an essential role for tourists who want to reach more remote destinations or experience different parts of this beautiful island without having to drive long distances.

Transport options to and from Corsica’s airports

Corsica has five airports, with Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport (AJA) being the largest and busiest. Here are some transport options for getting to and from Corsica’s airports:


Taxis are available at all of Corsica’s airports, but they can be expensive. The fare will depend on your destination, time of day, and number of passengers. It is recommended that you negotiate the fare before getting in the taxi.

Shuttle bus

Some airlines offer shuttle buses to take passengers to their final destinations. This option is usually cheaper than a taxi as it caters for multiple passengers heading towards similar locations.

Rental cars

Rental cars are available at all of Corsica’s airports through various car rental companies such as Hertz or Europcar. However, it is important to note that roads in Corsica may be steep and winding so driving may not be suitable for everyone.


Buses also operate regularly between the airport and major towns or cities like Bastia or Calvi although schedules tend vary depending on seasonality making this an inconsistent option if travelling off-peak seasons

It’s best advised that visitors plan ahead when choosing their preferred method of transportation taking into consideration factors such as time constraints, budgetary constraints amongst other considerations to avoid last minute stress upon arrival.

Overall there are several transportation options available when travelling within or outside corsicas airport vicinity; ultimately choosing which mode suits best depends on personal preference alongside weighing up costs associated with each option while accounting for other variables mentioned above.

Tips for traveling to Corsica by air

If you’re planning a trip to Corsica and will be arriving by air, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Choose your airport wisely

Corsica has four airports, so choose the one that is closest or most convenient for your final destination. Ajaccio-Napoléon Bonaparte Airport is located on the west coast of Corsica and serves as a gateway to popular destinations like Porto, Cargese, and Piana. Bastia-Poretta Airport is located on the east coast of Corsica and offers easy access to Cap Corse and Saint Florent. Calvi-Sainte Catherine Airport is located in northern Corsica and provides access to Calvi, L’Ile Rousse, Algajola, Lumio and Sant Ambroggio. Finally Figari-Sud Corse Airport which can be found about 30 minutes from Bonifacio.

Book your flights early

Corsican airports are relatively small compared with other regional airports in Europe so it’s advisable that you book your flight tickets well ahead of time especially during peak periods such as summer holidays when there may be limited availability.

Pack light if possible

Most airlines flying into Corsican airports have strict baggage allowances so it’s important that you check this before packing up all those items. Some budget airlines may only allow passengers hand luggage weighing less than 10kg while others might charge extra fees for checked luggage or even have a maximum weight limit per piece e.g., 23 kg per bag). So pack smartly!

Be prepared for delays

Flights can sometimes experience delays due to various reasons including bad weather conditions or technical issues. Be sure to build in some buffer time between connecting flights just in case your flight gets delayed en route.

Know your transport options

Once you arrive at the airport, you’ll need to figure out how to get to your final destination. You can either rent a car or take public transportation such as buses or taxis. It’s also worth noting that some of the popular destinations are served by shuttle bus services which means it’s important for you to research and plan ahead based on your travel schedule.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be well-prepared for traveling to Corsica by air and ready to start exploring this beautiful Mediterranean island.

Conclusion and Summary of Corsica’s Airports

Corsica has a total of four airports, with Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport being the largest and busiest airport on the island. The other three airports are Bastia Poretta Airport, Calvi Sainte Catherine Airport, and Figari Sud-Corse Airport. All four airports offer domestic flights to various destinations across France as well as seasonal international flights.

Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport is located in the western part of Corsica and handles over 1.5 million passengers annually. It offers daily flights to Paris and Marseille along with seasonal flights to other major European cities like London, Brussels, Geneva, Frankfurt, Madrid etc.

Bastia Poretta Airport is situated in the northeast region of Corsica which serves around 1.2 million passengers every year. It provides daily connections to Paris-Orly airport throughout the year along with seasonal links to other French cities such as Nice or Lyon.

Calvi Sainte Catherine Airport located in northwestern Corsica receives approximately 400 thousand passengers annually offering only domestic services connecting mainland France via different airlines including Air France & Volotea operating direct routes between Calvi and key French Cities such as Nice or Bordeaux.

Figari-Sud Corse airport is found at roughly ten kilometers from Porto Vecchio town on southeastern coast serving about a half-million passengers each year especially during summer time when traffic peaks up for holidaymakers visiting southern areas of this beautiful island.. During peak season it operates regular scheduled services to many French cities while also handling charters from countries like Italy or Germany etc..

Overall all four airports serve vital roles in linking Corsicans directly with major destinations around Europe whilst providing convenient accessibility for travelers visiting this picturesque Mediterranean paradise!


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